Wouxun KG-UV8D Programming Software

Until CHIRP releases a new version of their software to program the brand new Wouxun KG-UV8D, you can download and use Wouxun’s own software, which is free.  See the link below for downloading.


Wouxun KG-UV8D Programming Software

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  1. John K3NXU says:

    Software for expanding the UV8D to full frequency range coverage is available at http://www.miklor.com/UV8D/
    KG-UV8D software section.


  2. Mike says:

    The frequency range software on the Miklor website works well. They don’t mention that the upper set of limits are for receive and the lower set of limits are for transmit, for each band. If using the standard programming software you need to set the channel transmit frequency to null if the receive frequency is outside the transmit limits.

  3. Mike Morrow says:

    The UV8D software just downloaded from Miklor will accept frequencies into the grid but not save them to a file. It saved previously entered frequencies but not new ones. Trying to enter 160.8 which is easily within the receive range. Also trying to enter 452.9 which is also easily within the UHF receive band. But there are no error messages and the new freqs are not being saved.

    It used to work. I got a couple hundred freqs input and working but now the software is failing. Tried on 2 computers already. Same problem.

    There is no software for this radio on the Wouxon site. UV6D is there but not UV8D.


  4. Mike Morrow says:

    Well, I “solved” it. The program has a bug or two. It had corrupted its own file in some way. It would load, display everything correctly and save but not save any changes and produced no error messages. I re-downloaded the radio data and started changing from there and all was well again. Can now save the updates again.

    So there is something that needs to be looked at over at Wouxun software department but it can be gotten around.


  5. jape says:

    You can download Wouxun’s software from this link:

  6. Bill says:

    Why am I having so much of a problem getting the program for the Wouxun KG-UV8D to work? I’ve downloaded it 4 or 5 times, and it just comes up as a blank spread sheet. I have no idea what to do next or where to put what information. I see that people are happy with it, but I don’t see anything. What am I doing wrong?


    • jape says:

      Hi Bill,
      Not sure, but I am guessing it is something with your computer. Have you tried installing the program on another computer? Also, the CHIRP software should almost work for this radio, if you go get the latest daily build.

  7. John Miklor says:

    We need a bit more information…

    What OS are you running?
    Which software are you running? CHIRP or Factory?
    Are there any error messages?


  8. Rudi says:

    Strange problem I have. I putted about 20 frequencies manually in my UV8D, no problem. With the lastest software version of KG-UV8D ik can read the memory of this handy and change the channels. But when I save it under a new name and write it to the handy’s memory the channels are completely shaken up. Channel n° 3 become Channel 21, 4 becomes 13, 18 goes to 5.
    All the channels switched position. I can’t save them the way I want into the memory. What do I do wrong ???

    • JB says:

      I’m also having the ‘channel shake’ problem. I’ve been unable to find a solution for it using the Wouxun software, I’ll try Chirp and see what happens

      • jape says:

        I’ve not seen this problem with any of the radios I have sold or tested.
        But try the CHIRP software, I think it is about ready. I keep meaning to test it, but keep running out of time. I will try and do that this weekend.

      • Rudi says:

        Chirp does not have this model in the menu, not in the version that I have. So it doesn’t work with the UV8D.
        But I found a solution not to shake up the channels. Use a blank sheet, start from zero. Put all the channels manually into the UV8D program and write it to the TX. It works with me.

  9. sloop says:

    I downloaded and have used the KG-UV8D programming software. I successfully programmed 40 x UHF channels and 4 VHF channels then saved a backup file. When I try to add more UHF or VHF channels to this file they are lost somehow. The file size seems to stay at 33k. Maybe this is the ‘shake up’ problem you are talking about.

  10. Van says:

    Is anyone going to make an android app to program radios in field via otg cable?

  11. Mike Morrow says:

    That would be nice but I would not hold my breath…

  12. Van says:

    Can someone point me to the raw code for kguv6 commander. I’m going to try to write an android app. If successful I will repeat the process with the 8d.

    • Michal says:

      Hi Van!

      I wrote wouxun developers,
      whether to develop applications for programming via OTG on android system:
      – Read from DOWN –

      Hello S pozdravem,
      Our radio can only program on PC so far.
      Pls. note.
      For Danny Chan
      ————–Original Message————-
      Hallo dear Jolin,
      Is please there any progress in the case mentioned below?
      Thank you for your feedback and I wish you good luck!
      From: wouxun [mailto:wouxun@wouxun.com]
      Subject: Re: RE: RE: RE: Softweare for wouxun on iOS, Android etc. ?

      Dear Michal,
      Thank you for our kindly opinion, we will reflect your opinion to related department.

      For Danny Chan
      ————–Original Message————-
      Thank you for the question,
      I mean programming RX and TX frequencies and channels to the memory of Radio (including Decode CTC / DCS encode CTC / DCS, TX power, scan the Add
      bandwidth, busy lock, Chanel name) …

      as well as the program for PC (KG-UV2D.exe) (as the pictures below) just the main program would not be on the PC but on mobile phone, or tablet.

      This would make your products interesting and it could be ahead of the competition!

      (channel programming without PC, only a mobile phone or tablet… amazing!)

      Thank you for your feedback and I wish you good luck!

      From: wouxun [mailto:wouxun@wouxun.com]
      Subject: Re: RE: RE: Softweare for wouxun on iOS, Android etc. ?

      Hello S pozdravem,

      I donot very understand what you mean.

      Do you mean if our radio have update program software?

      For Danny Chan

      ————–Original Message————-

      Subject:RE: RE: Softweare for wouxun on iOS, Android etc. ?
      Date:2014-08-06 19:59:12.0
      Hallo dear,

      is a shift in programming the radios WOUXUN
      outside of the PC?
      E.g. such as mobile phone and its operating system? (iOS, Android, Win ..)?
      This would make your products portrays tempting!
      Your customer.
      From: wouxun [mailto:wouxun@wouxun.com]
      Subject: Re: RE: Softweare for wouxun on android?

      Dear Michal,

      Thank you for your kindly market information.

      We will reflect your importance information to our relate department for reference.

      For Danny Chan

      ————–Original Message————-
      It is the policy of WOUXUN?
      you have great products, but restrictions in user programing on only OS Windows…
      It’s a shame, many your customers ask and discuss on iternet about.

      Maybe In the next short time, will be coming other producer with user programing in android.

      It is not good marketing.

      Thank you for you time and good luck!

      From: wouxun [mailto:wouxun@wouxun.com]
      Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 8:22 AM
      Subject: Re: Softweare for wouxun on android?

      Dear Michal,

      We never us to Android OS, you can have a try.

      For Danny Chan

      ————–Original Message————-

      Hallo dear Wouxun team!

      I have a question, if exist programing softweare for wouxun on android OS?
      It would be advantageous for work in teren.
      If not now, Is it in development?

  13. Grace says:

    I use my android tablet to communicate with a $5 raspberry pi zero. I have raspberry pi software in raspbian linux to program the kguv3d. I realize that this does not directly answer the question, it allows me the same utility in emergencies where there is only low power rechargeable devices. cheers!

  14. nestor leon villamar says:


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