Happy June 2014

I’ve been somewhat out of pocket for the last couple of weeks due to having the Flu 2 weeks ago, and working lots of overtime last week.  Given these facts, my blogging has diminished a bit, but I haven’t gone anywhere.  I am planning to kickstart the blog and continue with it full time.

I’ve also been spending a good amount of time building GrapevineAmateurRadio.com – This is my new eCommerce site where I have radios and equipment for sale.  It isn’t finished yet, but my goal is to have it completed in June.  I’ll be attending several Hamfests from July to October, and want to have the site up and going 100% to advertise at those shows.  Signup on my email list if you want to keep up with which Hamfests I’m attending and new products for the website.

I’ve also created a new Facebook page, which I blogged about already.

Here are some items I have for sale over at the eCommerce site.  I’ll post some links here and there, but my intention is to keep this site about the Amateur Radio hobby, and to have the other site deal mainly in sales.  I don’t want to inter-mix the two sites often, but I will be linking back and forth.

Coming soon will be the new Anytone Tri-band (2M/220/440) mobile radio.  The release date for this unit will be some time in July or August, and I plan to get some of the first batch.  Anytone makes a FANTASTIC radio, so I am really looking forward to seeing these tri-banders.