Blog Birthday Today

BaofengUV-B6Main_300I started this blog about a year ago and my first official post was August 5, 2013.  I had a post on July 29, but it was just a post about a new page I created to link to upcoming Hamfests.  The next post was on August 5 and was about some great online places to purchase ham radio equipment.

As an anniversary celebration of this blog, I would like to offer a free giveaway of Baofeng UV-B6 Dual Band HT Radio.  

Participants can need to comment on this post to be entered into the drawing for the radio. On September 1, through a random drawing, 1 reader will be chosen to receive the gift certificate.

Also, be sure and like our Facebook page.

Rules of the drawing:

  • Comments must be legitimate and be linked to a valid email address, which will not be shared.
  • Each person can comment multiple times, but the comments must be informational and not “Spam”
  • The first comment will be #1, the second #2, and so on. On September 1st, we will draw a number from a hat, 1-(total # of comments) and the comment corresponding to that number will win the radio. We will send an email to the winner, so be sure that the email address attached to your comment is valid.
  • Winners will be announced here on this blog on September 1st.

Sign up on our email list to receive emails for specials and these types of drawings, and other specials that we have, direct to your email box.

19 Responses to “Blog Birthday Today”

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  1. Matt says:

    Happy anniversary to the blog! de KD9AEZ!

  2. Dustin Chapman says:

    Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting Jason. I purchased a Wouxun UV950P from him and it is working very well. He even went out of his way to meet with me so that I could purchase the radio. He is very humbling, knoledgefull, and helpful for someone just trying to get into amature radio. Thanks again Jason, for helping me out!!

  3. Andrew says:

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and all you’ve accomplished so far. Looking forward to many more years! /KU5R

  4. Rod G. says:

    Congrats on the Blog!

  5. Stephane says:

    Excellent blog ! 🙂 And great giveaway 😉

  6. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Congrats with the blog. Just discovered it, just in time I see. Some interesting articles to read. 73, Bas

  7. Alex KG5BCX says:

    Congrats on the 1 year mark. I look forward to many more years.


  8. Paul says:

    Just found your blog; fantastic job! Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. David says:

    Glad to see another Ham Radio blog. 73s K7DOY

  10. Congratulations on your blog birthday!

  11. Tim KD7DEY says:

    Whooo hooo! 1 year down!

  12. Matt in NC says:

    Congratulations on the one year anniversary! I’ve only recently discovered your blog and look forward to reading it.

  13. Bobbywmc says:

    Happy Birthday! Have the Baofeng UV-5R Plus, can’t wait to compare these radios…..

  14. Joe N2OAD says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! Good Luck!! de N2OAD

  15. Fred says:

    Just found your website and enjoy the content, KC5YN

  16. Harrison says:

    Got an Anytone AT-3318UV-A from Jason.
    I texted him with questions before buying, and he responded right away, and was extremely helpful.
    I am very happy w/ it, and will be purchasing another one [from him, of-course]
    Ps. Happy Birthday Blog…

  17. Paul says:

    Happy birthday!

  18. Dave says:

    Congratulations on your blog! Well done.

  19. Greg says:

    You done a lot to get this going and maintaining. Looking forward to more.

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