Connect Systems Upcoming Radios

new_connect_systems_cs600_cs700_dmr_digital_mototrbo_radio_for_saleEveryone is anticipating the next release from Connect Systems for their DMR and DSTAR radios. Arguably, the most popular DMR radio on the market right now is the CS700, their UHF-only handie talkie that will transmit in both Digital DMR and Analog for ham operators. These radios are also very popular among Red Cross members and First Responders.

In speaking with some fellow hams over the past week or so, there seems to be some discrepancy around the next piece of equipment to come from Connect Systems. So rather than dig around and do alot of research in emails, I decided to contact the owner directly. As always, Jerry was responsive and helpful with providing information to my questions. Below are the results I found:

CS800 Mobile DMR Radio
This radio will be the mobile version of the CS700. It will be UHF and transmit both Digital DMR and Analog modes. At last word from Connect Systems, this radio is due to drop in October of 2014, if not a bit sooner. I personally don’t expect to see it before October, and honestly it might even be towards the end of the month. Releases of new equipment always seem to take longer than expected.

CS7000 Dual-Mode DMR/DSTAR Radio
This radio will be the “revolutionary” dual mode that will be capable of both Digital DMR and DSTAR transmissions, as well as Analog. But it will be an HT radio. This was the question that lots of people had, some people thought it was going to be a mobile unit, but it isn’t. Jerry says that there will be a CS8000 version released after the CS7000, which will be a mobile unit, and maybe even a dual-bander (VHF/UHF) and will do dual-mode also. Nothing confirmed about that, though.

I am looking VERY forward to the CS800. I’ve been itching to get this radio since it was announced. It has been delayed a couple of times, so hopefully it will be rock-solid when it drops, which will hopefully be in October. I signed up to be one of the first buyers when I was in Dayton this year, so I am hoping to be contacted soon about this radio.

Sadly, the CS7000 will only be an HT. I go back and forth on whether or not I will be buying this radio. I can’t see the need for another HT radio. All the Chinese manufacturers seem to be focused on HTs and have a lack of mobile units. Connect Systems is no different. I don’t mean that in a negative way, HT radios certainly have their place, but so do mobile units. Most of the Hams I know, who are serious into DMR or DSTAR, are wanting mobile radios. It only makes sense due to higher power and antenna performance. So I might wait for the CS8000 before actually getting into DSTAR.

Be checking this site for the latest news and updates on these radios, I plan to keep up with both Jerry and the yahoo group.