Belton Hamfest Fall 2014 Review

Last weekend, Oct 3-4, was the Fall Hamfest in Belton, TX. This was our 3rd Hamfest to attend, but it was our first time to camp-out in the parking lot overnight with other patrons of the fest. It was fun getting to know some new people and talking with everyone about radio. Some vendors were also there, late into the evening, with their supplies still setup for sale. Most of these guys had a trailer in which they traveled and stayed, and could setup and take-down easily. We didn’t setup Friday in the flea market, but KG5AHI and I arrived around 6:30pm and setup our indoor table, then spent the evening talking to other patrons and eating some of the good BBQ.

Next Spring, I think I’ve decided to arrive early Friday morning and setup a flea market table to sell that day, then we will move everything to our inside table that evening in preparation for the Hamfest on Saturday. It’ll be a great time to get some more exposure and hopefully make some more sales, but also to meet new people. Most of what we currently do at these Hamfests is network. We want to advertise our new storefront location and let people know there is a new Ham Radio store in Tarrant County.

The Hamfest itself was full of vendors, both inside and out. I tried to buy a 2nd table when I arrived on Friday evening because of all the used and consignment gear I had, but they were sold out. So we had to deal with just the 1 table, but we also brought some shelves for display behind the table. I’ll also be purchasing more tables up-front next year.

I’m told attendance was actually down this time, however. It didn’t seem quite as full as it had in years past, and other patrons noticed this as well. We had lots of people coming by our table, but the room never did seem to fill up. It was still a good time, though.

I was too busy at my table to see much of the items for sale, unfortunately. I usually like to walk around and look at other vendors’ tables, but each time I did that, KG5AHI called me with a question that someone had. Not that this is a huge issue, it showed a major interest in our items, but it also didn’t allow me to take-in everything indoors.

Anyway, like always, this was awesome fun. Belton is always a good time. I look forward to next Spring, both in seeing how well things work on Friday and also in seeing a greater turn-out in numbers, hopefully.