Some Great Ideas for new Chinese Ham Radios

I was reading a Google+ article about the new VITAI Quad Band Transceiver, and someone had posted it since it is FM-only, it is useless to ham operators. Well, no… that isn’t true, at least not in the U.S., but… here is my reply to this copy-of-a-copy radio. I’ve been saying for a long time […] Read more »

Ham Radio’s Forgotten Bands: 220mhz and 900mhz

The short-lived project of the Alinco DJ-G29T is proof that the 1.25 meter and 33 centimeter bands of the amateur radio spectrum are forgotten bands. I purchased one of these radios a few months ago when I read online that it was being discontinued, and I wanted to get a new one before they were all […] Read more »