Up and running on 40 meters

I finally got my 40-meter dipole hung up a couple of weeks ago and have been working some 40-meters lately.  The dipole is a simple center-fed wire antenna, and I have the center-point hung about 27′ in the air.  In an inverted-V fashion, both legs are at 8.5′ atop my fence.  I think I might […] Read more »

Motorola MCS2000 Model Breakdown Chart

This is the model breakdown chart for the MCS2000: M 01 K L M 9 P W 6 A N SP01 Type of Unit Model Series Frequency Band Power Level Control Head Channel Spacing Primary Operation Primary System Type Specification Level Version Unique Model Variation “SP” Model Suffix M Mobile 01 Model Series F 66-88 […] Read more »