Texas Statewide Net on DMR

For those of you on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), sometimes referred to as “MotoTRBO”, which is Motorola’s designation for DMR2the digital transmission type, we are starting a Statewide Texas net tomorrow, Wednesday January 7th, at 7:30pm CDT.

DMR is a wildly growing digital transmission type, with over 400 DMR repeaters worldwide, in 37 countries with 9261 registered users (at the time of this post). The registered user count continues to grow daily, and the repeater count grows each month also. Currently, there are more than a dozen manufacturers making radios that are DMR Tier-2 compatible, which means you have several choices for DMR radios, both HT and Mobile units, if you are interested in stepping into this field.

There are several Worldwide Nets that happen on TS1, usually on TG13 which is the Worldwide English talkgroup, but this is the first Texas Net that I am aware of. I did some research for a Statewide net in this area, and I didn’t find anything at all, so I decided to start one myself. Upon emailing several other DMR Amateurs that I am in contact with, everyone thinks it is a good idea. So tomorrow, it launches.

You are welcome checkin to this net tomorrow evening at 7:30pm, if you are in Texas near a DMR-covered area, or if you are in a surrounding State with a repeater that has the Texas Statewide Talkgroup (TS2/TG3148) programmed. I’m hoping to see some good response from people around the State. I know that a few of the Oklahoma repeaters also have the TG3148 programmed, so those folks are welcome to join us also.

You will need a DMR Subscriber ID once you purchase a radio and want to use it on the network. However, you DO NOT need to have a subscriber ID in order to transmit on another ham’s radio. Just grab their radio, ID with your callsign, and say “I’m using so-and-so’s radio”. Most DMR radios have displays which show you who is talking (like a digital caller ID for radio), so if you key up on someone else’s radio, you’ll just want to make sure you ID properly. This is always required anyway, so you should be used to it!
DMR uses the same standard frequencies (usually UHF 440) as our 440 band for standard analog operation. No further license or privileges are needed, your amateur license already allows you to talk on DMR repeaters. But each user needs their own subscriber ID, which you can request here.

If you are interested in a DMR radio, we carry a variety. Most people have heard of the Connect Systems CS700 HT radios – we carry those and sell them at cost. Our purpose here is to get people interested in DMR. We also sell the accessories, which we make a little money on, so please let us know if you need anything.

Connect Systems CS700 UHF DMR HT


BFDX Beifeng TD-501 UHF DMR HT

We hope to hear you on the net!