IWCE 2015 Expo

Here are some pics from the IWCE Expo that I attended in March of 2015.  Lots of good info, lots of nice people, and some cool new products.  I missed seeing Wouxun, Anytone, and Yaesu, who didn’t attend.  Yaesu?  Really?  Icom and Kenwood had a huge presence, and even Alinco had a good showing.  Baofeng was there (see pic) along with the very nice people at BFDX.  If you’ve not tried a BFDX TD-503 DMR radio, you are really missing out.

Baofeng at IWCE 2015Myself and Iris from Baofeng.  Nice lady.  All of the Baofeng reps there were incredibly nice and welcoming.  A very good company, in my opinion.  Say what you will about their quality, but there isn’t a Ham Operator ANYWHERE, that I am aware of, that hasn’t tried or owns a Baofeng radio.  They are great products, for what they are, and have promoted the Amateur market quite well.



  BFDX_new mobileA new mobile DMR radio from BFDX, which has all of the controls in the mic, with the radio itself mounted under your seat.  You space-safer gurus or peeps who have small cars, this one is for you.

Due to drop this summer, check my website for purchasing info.  I am proud to be one of the only BFDX dealers in the U.S.




All of the Premiere Partners at IWCE 2015.  Yaesu is surprisingly (or maybe not-so-surprisingly) absent.  Come play with the big dogs.