St. Patrick’s Day Hamfest in Midland, TX Review

This was my first year to attend the St. Patrick’s Day Hamfest in Midland, Texas. It was a great show. The show sold all of their tables (even though some people didn’t show up that day, the tables were sold) and I heard a rumor that they sold 3000 tickets to the event. I didn’t see that many people this day, in fact it was only probably 1/3 of that, but it seemed very well attended for its location. Midland Odessa is a somewhat large area in Texas, but compared to other cities in the State, Midland is the 25th largest city by population, behind Carrollton and Irving.

To date, this was probably my best Hamfest this year. I passed out lots of cards, had many hams sign up for my email list, and sold lots of equipment too. I had to place 2 new orders for restocking when I got home :D.

I will definitely be attending this Hamfest again next year. The club who runs it has nice people and promote it very well. Hopefully they can fill more of the tables next year and have a larger crowd, along with vendors. But I was happy with this show, either way.

Thanks also to Corey, KG5AHI for helping me out at this show.