July 4th HF Stations Worked

I did a little bit of the 13-Colonies Contest on July 4-6.  I only got 7 of the 13 States, but I didn’t really put alot of time into it.  Here are the stations that I worked: K2M 14.284 w3lrc 14.337 K2J 14.236 KF4KL K2F 14.327 KM4EQS 14.313 K2I 14.268 K2E 14.290 K2G 14.305 K2L […] Read more »

Texas DMR Repeater Details

For programming your DMR radio in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, or in Texas overall, here is all the info in 1 place.  This info can also be found on the DMR-MARC website, but I wanted to post it here so that I could easily reference it all on 1 page. Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Commonly Used […] Read more »

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