Texas DMR Repeater Details

For programming your DMR radio in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, or in Texas overall, here is all the info in 1 place.  This info can also be found on the DMR-MARC website, but I wanted to post it here so that I could easily reference it all on 1 page.

  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
No City Frequency Offset Callsign Color Code
1 Anna 440.5250 +5 WS5W 1
2 Dallas 440.6375 +5 W5EBQ 1
3 Denton 440.6625 +5 N5LS 1
4 Ft Worth 441.6250 +5 K5FTW 1
5 Southlake 440.5000 +5 N5EOC 1
6 Venus 441.725 +5 KN5TX 1
  • Commonly Used Talk Groups
Talkgroup Number Talkgroup Name
1 Worldwide (Any Language)
2 Local or Metro
3 North America (DMR-MARC)
13 Worldwide English
310 TAC 310
311 TAC 311 or United States Worldwide
3140 Oklahoma Statewide
3148 Texas Statewide or Lonestar
3100 DCI Bridge
3106 NorCal Bridge
3173 Mid-Atlantic Regional
3174 Southeast USA Regional
3175 Texas/Oklahoma Regional
3185 Cactus (AZ – CA and TX only)
99 Simplex (usually set to Timeslot 1 and color code 1)
9999 NorCal Audio Test (set to Timeslot 1)
  • Non-DFW

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  1. Hi Jason,
    I am living half in Frelsburg, TX and half in Paris France (not Texas).
    From Frelsburg, I can hit the college station DMR repeater. Do you know if it is possible to activate TG11 (French worldwide on that repeater or on other lonestarnet DMR repeeters.

    Thanks and 73 from Remi
    On my way to Texas

    • jape says:

      Hi Remi, thanks for commenting

      Yes, it is very possible to activate this talkgroup, but it will have to be done by the CBridge owner, not the repeater owner (they might be the same person, but they don’t have to be)

      The CBridge owner will need to allow TG11 to pass through the network, and then he will have to point the TG to the College Station repeater. Once that is done, you can use this TG.

      I don’t know who the CBridge owner is for College Station, but if you reach out to the repeater owner, he can tell you.

      I also hope you can join our Net we have on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm CST on the Texas Statewide Talkgroup, TG3148.

      73 – Jason

      • Remi F6CNB W5/F6CNB says:

        Thanks for the answer. I’ll contact the repeater onwer.

        73 Remi W5/F6CNB
        I’ll try to join a wednesday evening and I’ll ask the french cbridge owner that I know very well to activate TG3148 in the Paris area.

  2. Steve Bengry says:


    Great Info here. I am in Mansfield and I see a Venus DMR. Do you know if that is an OPEN repeater by chance. I am going to be new to DMR (working on acquiring a radio now). Any info would be appreciated.

    Steve (KD8FQL)

  3. Joe says:


    I am in Brownsville, Tx and currently on BM using all the TGs, Now BM-3148 and Lone-Star-3148 are 2 different systems correct?

    Now is there way my repeater can stay connected to BM, but use a TG to talk into your Lone-Star-Net 3148 group so we could also check into your Texas State net.


  4. Robert Allen says:

    Hey Jason. I have a new radio and I think I am connecting with the W5ebq repeater but I am not sure. I know there a program that can show how well your signal is coming in but I can’t remember what it is. Could you please help? Thanks.

    Robert Allen


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