Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 11 – TYT TH-7800 Debut

TYT’s new mobile radio, the TH-7800 is a dual band version of the popular TH-9800, but with some nice upgrades.

This product sells for $199 on my website at Grapevine Amateur Radio.  Check the video below for an unboxing and performance testing of this radio.

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  1. Alan VK2ZIW says:

    My “truck” 2000 GM Trouper 3L diesel called here a Jackaroo.
    My TYT 9800 suffers badly from interference from radio stations here in Sydney Australia.
    The Yaesu FT-7900 seems much better. Scanning is a pain because of this interference.
    I bought the TYT 9800 as summer is coming and sporadic E may happen on 6m, as well
    as the need for 2m and 70cm.
    Scanning: I wish when scanning, it would ignore the channel the other receiver is on..
    Really needs a more robust remote head mount (not plastic!!).

    Otherwise, a good radio.

    Alan VK2ZIW, Sydney Australia

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