HF Stations worked Labor Day Weekend 2015

IMG_20150905_132607This Labor Day was spent on the coast of Galveston with my family, as we have done for the past few years.  Last year was the first time I setup a portable HF station, so this year I had to do the same, but with some slight upgrades.

Pictured here is my current Go-kit, which is a SKB 4u rack case with my Icom 706MKIIg, Kenwood TM-741a tribander, and Kenwood TK-981 900MHz radios.  I only had antennas for the HF station on this trip.  I ran 2-20 meter hamsticks, attached to a tripod in a horizontal configuration, sitting on the 2nd story deck, about 20′ off the ground.  The tripod stood about 8′, so the antennas were about 28′ in height.

I made some interesting contacts this weekend, including 3 new countries.  I use HRDLOG.net as a logging program and I have it setup to auto-tweet any time I make a new contact.  You can follow my tweets here.

I also used the designation of TX001S for the U.S. Islands Award Program, although I only made a couple of contacts with this designator.

Here are the stations I heard and worked.  It is an interesting list.

Galveston Island,  Labor day weekend
N0WRK on 14.252.5, 14.257
Kz8o on 14.313
w0sje on 14.250 contacted
wj9e on 14.263
kd0bik on 14.330 contacted
k8ikw on 14.240 contacted
n0lp on 14.246
wb9kpt on 14.247.3
w6rdf on 14.258
Jim n9t on 14.260
k0iz on 14.269 contacted
kk4kid on 14.270
aa0jd on 7.251
Century Club net on 7.267.5 – 40-meter early net
– n2xtt in NJ
– k4cnm
– kb3mbp in PA
– w1jkp
– kb5tbf in VA
– kd5imv
– kf7hnc in OR
– wf4h
– ka4rgf
– kg8wl in MI
k7ioc – lee – wa003s – 14.256
KE5YF on 7.245
I2VRN 7.192
W8TAH on 14.240 from OH contacted
N4UU on 14.245.8 contacted
W2ZIQ on 14.270
VE3BZW on 14.300
W4DAN on 14.342
XE1B  on 14.240 contacted
Collins Collector’s Net on 14.263
-WA6FIZ – net control in CA
-W0OQ on 14.263 in MN
-WA2ROC on 14.263 in NC
-W3DA alt net control
KM4KZX on 14.347
W4JUU on 14.225 contacted
VY2KM on 14.235.5
K3UL on 14.238
KG4GSX on 14.240 contacted
AC4BD on 14.240 in FL contacted
V31TA on 14.257 in Belize contacted
9K2NO on 14.235 in Kuwait
TI2AIM on 14.249.2 contacted
VP2ETE on 14.230.5 contacted
HC2AO on 14.276
WB7CIM on 14.233
N9CQT on 14.275
VA3HTG on 14.275
W3B 14.287 contacted
AD0P 14.337
N6JP on 14.240
CE1OEB on 14.273 contacted
WS7X on 14.245 contacted
AE7SWP on 14.280
WR5O on 7.180 in Lubbock
K4OWR on 7.198.3 contacted
KD9BVS on 7.245
PY5AB on 14.210
HC2AO on 14.232
Next on the agenda for some HF work is the Texas QSO Party.  I’m planning to go setup another portable station at my deer lease, which is in a county with far less ham activity than where I live.  It should be a fun weekend.