2016 San Antonio Swapfest

It’s been a while since I wrote a review post about a local Hamfest.  The main reason for this is because I was doing review videos and posting them to my new Video Podcast blog called Ham Radio 2.0.  This videos post on YouTube, but I first blog about them and share a short snipet of information about the video, then a link to the video to watch directly from the website, or by viewing my YouTube Channel.  However, I was noticing that the Hamfest Videos didn’t get near the attention or views that the radio review videos get, so I decided to move the Hamfest review back over here to the written blog.  My first Hamfest for this year was the San Antonio Swapfest.

san antonioThis was my first year to attend this show in San Antonio, and after attending it once, I plan to go back again.  The show was good, it had some good items for sale, and lots of patrons who bought tickets and attended the event.  My only real complaint about the show (and this is a small issue) is that the Hamfest committee running the website posted that vendor load-in time was 4pm-9pm on Friday evening, or 6:30-8am Saturday.  We arrived at the show location at 7:30pm Friday evening, an hour and a half before their closing time, and we almost missed them.  They were packing up to leave and lock the doors.  I asked if we could load-in, and they let us, but they wouldn’t let me setup my table – I had to do that Saturday morning.  It only takes me about an hour to setup, so I would have been done around 8:30pm, a half-hour before their posted closing time.  But they wanted to leave early, so that forced me to just leave my inventory and setup the tables the next morning.  At least my inventory was locked away inside of a building safely, but if you don’t want want to stay until 9pm, you shouldn’t post the load-in time as 4pm-9pm.

That was a small issue, however.  I did well in sales at the show and it was a fun event.  Like I said, I am planning to go back next year.