Capital City Hamfest Review

2016 Capital City Hamfest Review:

The Capital City Hamfest was my first experience with this particular show.  I very much enjoyed it and I plan to attend again next year.

This Hamfest takes place in Jackson, MS and is very well attended.  I didn’t realize how large it was, in fact.  Several of the larger names were there, including Yaesu and MFJ.  Jackson, MS is only about a 6-hour drive from Grapevine, TX so the distance isn’t an issue at all.  This was the first time I ever drove to Mississippi, but I’ve been to Jackson in the past, always by plane.  It was a good trip and we met lots of good people.

Among other things, we have negotiated a deal with TN07 to begin selling their antennas on our website at Grapevine Amateur Radio.  I’m very excited about this and I will be testing/reviewing some of their antennas very soon on my Video Podcast series.  I also plan to use their 32′ telescoping flagpole antenna for 10-80 meters at this year’s Field Day event, and of course there will probably be a Ham Radio 2.0 episode come from that also.

To sum up:  I plan to attend the Capital City Hamfest again next year.  As soon as they have dates and sign-up forms posted on their website, I’ll be grabbing some tables.

Capital City Hamfest