DFW Area DMR Repeater Timeslot & Talkgroup Assignments

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  1. Robb W5RIR says:


    I left a message on the DMR Yahoo group page; is TG 10 Tarrant County Metro? I can’t seem to add it to DP880 programming software.

  2. Robb W5RIR says:


    Please disregard, I found TG 10 as WTX local and will update. Thanks!

    • jape says:

      Hey Robb. TG10 is just another “local” talkgroup like TG2 and TG9. I called it West Texas Local in my original codeplug because that was the only place in Texas where it was being used, up until the Saginaw machine. I renamed that talkgroup to “Local10” in my codeplugs now.

  3. Tom WC5B says:

    Long time no talk Jason. Couple questions. I am not a resident of Texas but I and some co-workers that are hams do on a regular basis. I noticed while visiting Haltom City, like most metros, sometimes what you think is going to be the go to repeater isn’t and one further away is better due to, I imagine, height and power. From a traveler point of view, it does not seem you need every single machine in a code plug. Especially seeing that some of these guys travel to many states so saving memories could be less confusing at the very least. What do you recommend are the must have’s in DFW? I seem to remember that Dallas came in great and I could not even key up Ft Worth and I was much closer to Ft Worth. I-35 E & W / I-20 / I-820 / I-30 all traveled. Often find ourselves in Other then Dallas and Ft Worth proper, we also are often around Terrell, Midlothean, Grand Prairie, Roanoke. I guess what I am asking is what are the best preforming machines in DFW?

    • Tom WC5B says:

      Also, is Collyville some sort of US Hub with all the static groups or are they not static at all? If so, should it be avoided?

      • jape says:

        Colleyville is a great repeater that is connected to another CBridge besides the Texas one. I use it often. Not sure what you mean by “US Hub” Most repeaters with a dozen or so talkgroups are not static, with similar setups.

        They moved FTW last summer and it has phenomenal coverage now. I’d say that if you wanted only the large-area coverage repeaters in DFW, grab Dallas, Denton, FTW, Aubrey and Venus. Those should get you done. However, Arlington and Saginaw have machines with good coverage also. There is a new machine in Carrollton now too.

  4. Romie AC9KV says:

    Good deal, this is great. I “built my codeplug” manually for the Dallas Rptr. based on the parameters on the DMR-MARC website, well I just figured out why I hear little to no activity on my MD-380, the only TG parameter listed that is correct is for TG 3148/Statewide. They don’t even list the second repeater frequency. We’ll I’m up and running now, threw my call out on N.America as testing, and instantly got a response from Philly. Thanks for compiling this info Jason, AC9KV Romie

  5. Wille says:

    Hmm. Sitting here with a MD-380G VHF model. Looks like I have a paperweight.

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