TYT MD380/390 DMR Codeplug Instructions

MD380/390 DMR Codeplug Instructions

I’ve spent some time putting together this codeplug that I would like to share with everyone.  Follow the DMR2instructions below to use it.  The plug will get updated periodically, so check back often for new repeaters and info to be added.  I datestamp all of my plugs with the date on the very back, so if you get one today (the date this article is being written) it should show “20160414” on the end of the name.  This means that the last update to that plug was 04/14/2016.  I find this format easier to sort chronologically in a windows environment.  I’ve also added ALL Regional, Statewide and Brandmeister Area talkgroups to this codeplug so that expansion later will be easier.

Follow the instructions below to use this plug.  The current version contains ALL repeaters in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  Updates will be made as more repeaters are added, and I plan to add more States also.  Next on the list is Arkansas, then perhaps Kansas, and so on.  I also have the repeaters for the Dayton Hamvention of 2016 loaded into this plug; plus some random repeaters in Albuquerque, California and Seattle.


Feel free to make any changes you’d like to this codeplug for your own use.  My basic concept in writing this codeplug was to put everything in alphabetical order.  I’ve named the Zones for their State, then city, and arranged them in the correct order.  Example: “TX.Dallas” “TX.Southlake” “OK.Tulsa1” and so on.  Since each zone is limited to 16 channels, I generally separate each zone by repeater.  My basic reason for this doing is because this codeplug is for an HT, and usually an HT won’t reach out to multiple repeaters, due to distance.  I also add all 4 accepted Simplex frequencies to each Zone, when space is available.  For a listing of those Simplex frequency settings, follow this link.
***NOTE:  If you have a new radio, proceed to the instructions below.  If you have a current codeplug in your radio, I highly suggest READING your current codeplug into your computer and saving  that codeplug before making any changes.  That way, if you load this new plug and you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for whatever reason – you can reload your original codeplug and not lose anything.
  1. Download and install the TYT MD390 programming software.  This software will work for the MD380 or MD390 radios.  Download the codeplug from this link (take notice of the date stamp, as stated above).  Also download the latest version of the N0GSG Contact Manager software (version 1.23 is used in this example)
  2. After the software is installed, open the codeplug and click on the “General Setting” option from the left-hand menu.  In this menu, enter your Radio Name and Radio ID.  Your Radio ID was supplied by DMR-MARC and is 7-digits long.  If you don’t have a Radio ID yet, follow this link.  For Radio Name, I usually enter my callsign, but you can call it whatever you’d like.
  3. At the bottom-right of the same window, find the Intro Screen section and fill out the “Intro Screen Line 1” and “Intro Screen Line 2” fields.  These can be anything you want, and it will be the message you see when you power on the radio.  If you don’t want to change this, then just skip this step
  4. Save the codeplug somewhere on your computer where you can find it later.  I suggest changing the name to something new.
  5. Open the N0GSG Contact Manager software that you downloaded earlier.  Once opened, click on File->Open Codeplug and go find the new codeplug that you just saved and named.
  6. Once the codeplug is open inside of the N0GSG Contact Manager, you should see only Group Contacts inside of the Contacts tab at the bottom.  These will be your talkgroups and are already set to each channel in the radio.
  7. This is the step that will differ for each person.  Click on the “Import Contacts from the DMR-MARC Database” button on the right side.  Once the new window opens, search the database by your State name.  Highlight all contacts from the search results and click the “Add Selected Records” button.  All other fields should remain at their default setting.  Repeater this step for other States you might want to add, but be aware that this radio will only hold 1000 contacts.
  8. Click “Done Searching” when you are finished adding all the contacts you’d like.
  9. Click File->Save As from the top menu and save the codeplug.  I will usually save it under another name, to just be safe.  But you can choose to save it as whatever you’d like.
  10. Close the N0GSG Contact Manager Software
  11. Open the MD390 software again
  12. Open the codeplug that you just saved from the N0GSG software
  13. Connect your radio to the USB cable and write the new codeplug into your radio.  After the radio reboots, you should have everything that this codeplug has to offer.
Comment and Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Bill AD8BC says:

    Jason, thanks for championing DMR in the area.

    I’ve found maintaining codeplugs to be strangely therapeutic…

    I also think i found a bug in Contact Manager 1.22/1.23 — if I make a bunch of zone changes I can corrupt the file and crash Contact Manager, so I save often. The file can be restored by opening it in the Tytera software and making a substantial change (add a channel) and re-saving, then it can be re-opened in Contact Manager. Tom N0GSG has asked me if we can send a before-and-after codeplug the next time it happens so he can investigate. if you run into this issue, keep this in mind.


    • jape says:

      Tom is a good guy, easy to work with and responsive. Hopefully he can take care of that for you.

    • Christopher Butler says:

      I am new to DMR, new to Amateur radio,and have spend countless hours trying to get my TYT MD-UV380G to do anything beyond turning on. I have followed a number of tips to upgrade the firmware,match it with the correct programming software and load codeplugs.

      All with no luck.

      At this point, and I am not quite sure how I’ve gotten here but now when I turn on the radio the screen does not light up and the LED on the top blinks red/green. That’s without holding down the PTT and button1.

      I have been in technology for 40 years so I am not afraid of getting down in the weeds and I fully expect to dedicate more time than is reasonable to new tech but this is ridiculous!

      TYT support has been of no help. Documentation is pathetic. There are far more comments of radios not working than thanking you for a great website and show. You guys can’t call this fun.

      I don’t want to compare the 380G to my TH-D74 but at least Kenwood has released documentation to get you up and running. Good Lord my first amateur contact was via D-Star/Hotspot. It took awhile but what a thrill to have a conversation with a HAM in South Africa from my garage in California on the second night of pulling the radio out of the box.

      Frustrated…pretty obvious. TYT has just about taken any fun out of all of this.

      Can anyone suggest a site or documentation to get this 380G functional? or perhaps another DMR handheld that is not so problematic. I have one more shot left in me with this brick.

  2. johnstockwell G0XBJ says:

    Not having any sucess downloading the code plug, i am going to Dayton next week (from uk) looking for code plug to use the 380 at Dayton.

    • jape says:

      Not sure why you can’t download it, I know several dozen people who have got it without issue. But if you email me, I will reply to you and attach it to the email.

      • Jack says:


        I can’t download it either – what I get is the database contents trying to be an html display on my screen. I’m on the learning curve for the MD-380 and would like to look at how your codeplug is organised so I can write my own for VK repeaters and contacts. I’d be grateful if you’d email me and attach the codeplug. Thanks for the clear instructions.

        • jape says:

          Not sure why some people have trouble downloading it, and hundreds of others get it to work fine. I suspect it is something with your local computer setup. The codeplug is just an .RDT file and should download as a file that doesn’t associate with anything in Windows. Once downloaded, launch the TYT software, then do a File-Open and go find this file. This should open it correctly in the software.

          • Jim says:

            same here just a bunch of ascii code and no way to saye it as a file….WM5L

          • jape says:

            The file is associated with the TYT programming software. If you don’t have that installed, it might not open correctly. If your browser is opening it as an ASCII file, then your computer has this file extension associated with the wrong program. In short, the problem is on your computer.

          • Robert Caruthers says:

            Jason, I found that if you right click on the Code Plug Link and save as then it downloads properly, if you just left click on the link you get the ascii garbage.

            I hope this helps.

      • gene says:

        when i try to download the codeplug and read it to the radio (It tells me microsoft has quit. what do i do to correct this problem

  3. johnny rogers says:

    HEY Jason. My name is john N4JDR and i was wondering if you were ever going to have a code plug for the north ga/atlanta area, dmr is taking off here at a fast rate. Thanks for the videos. very good info for this newbie to dmr. and awaiting for my md 380 in the mail. 73s john

    • jape says:

      Hi John, thanks for commenting.
      I have no plans for a codeplug for that area at this time, I don’t get out there much. How many repeaters are in your area?

  4. John WB4QHM says:

    Need some help…I bought a Tytera MD-380 at HamCom. I have tried everything I can think of to get the programming software to read from or write to the radio. I am using Windows 7 and v1.30 of the programming software. I can see the radio in Device Manager under ‘Other | Digital Radio in USB mode’. When I attempt a read or write, I get ‘Please check whether the USB is occupied or not connected.’. I have tried two other PC’s with the same results. I have also tried with and without a USB hub. I even broke down and tried to read the manual. I am near my wits end. Any suggestions?

    • jape says:

      Hi John
      Most of the time when I read this, it is due to the computer not loading the driver correctly. Even multiple computers. If you see a yellow ! in the Device Manager in Windows, then the driver isn’t installed correctly.

      Although seldom, sometimes it is the cable. Contact whoever you got the radio from and see if they can exchange cables for you.


      • Myles Barkman KG5AI says:

        I had this exact same problem yesterday after buying a 380 from Jason at a hamfest. My problem *might* have been the fact that my desktop hadn’t done Windows updates since March for some reason. After a few hours and finally finishing up this morning, it downloaded the driver just fine and instead calls it “STM device in DFU mode” under the USB controllers.
        Make sure all your Windows updates are complete, go to that line with the yellow triangle and right click on it. Tell it to delete the driver. Turn the radio off and back on so Windows sees the cable again and let it find the driver online (hopefully).
        Hope this helps.

      • Bill says:

        I had that same problem. I **thought** I had it plugged into the radio. When I checked, the plug wasn’t all the way in.

    • Rob K0RU says:

      John, pick up that MD380 and connect to the BYRG here in Kansas City, KS and give me a Call., DE Rob Underwood – K0RU aka WB8YRB from Rapids City, SD Ellsworth AFB days. 73 my friend hope to work you on DMR soon.

  5. Mikko says:

    @John WB4QHM, Just disable the driver and update it manually by right clickin the device (you can find correct usb drivers from the CPS installation directory below “usb drivers”). This worked atleast for win7 + md390

    73 de OH2FXD, Mikko

  6. PMB says:

    I’ve tried everything. I cant get the MD-390 to be found.
    The driver sets itself up in Win10 as COM4.
    If I move the TYT cable to different USB, it shows up connected as COM5.
    Prolific dated 09/04/2015. It never sees the radio though.
    When I plug the 2 prong plug into radio, should something change?
    (go into some type of programming mode?)

    • jape says:

      Your computer isn’t recognizing the driver. I’ve not been able to get it to work with Windows 10, although I haven’t tried in a while. I keep my programming laptop on Windows 7 for this reason.

  7. Jim Howard says:

    I installed your codeplug. I think I did everything correct.
    But when I try and use the radio I get a tone and on screen “Unprogrammed”
    I think I just fixed it while messing with this comment!

    I think I went to Zone and picked Fort Worth and now the other channels show up ..except for 14, 15 and 16 and I am
    gussing you did not put anything in those but I could go to Zone for those and choose one.

    Love your YouTube videos and your website.



    • jape says:

      Thanks for commenting, Jim

      Yes “Unprogrammed” means that nothing has been programmed into the channel slot for the Zone you are in. When changing Zones, always turn the channel knob back to position 1, then you can change channels from there. The Zone can hold up to 16 channels, but that doesn’t mean some Zones will only have 5-10 channels.

  8. Elijah dorminy says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a Md-380 here pretty soon and was wondering if programming the radio is possible via a Mac…It took me a while to program my Baofeng and two cables, but finally succeeded. Any help would be appreciated

  9. TOM says:

    Is there programing software for the MD-380G? The firmware VER. on this radio is SO13.014
    when I load ver1.32 and plug in the radio it says wrong model

    • Dave says:

      Go to Tytera’s website. Select the “MD-380G” button to download the software. The disc that came with my 380G did the same ‘wrong model’ thing also. The downloaded program works.

      • jape says:

        Thanks, I’ll go grab this version and put it out there for download also

      • Tom says:

        can you send me the link

        • D-man says:

          I would love to have that link as well. I just bought two MD-380G radios and the software (none of the 12 included .exe applications) work with the 380G. I also went to the Tytera (TYT) website and they don’t have a ‘MD-380G’ button anymore (if they ever had one). They have all kinds of MD-380 vocoder/firmware dependent bases, and MD-390 and even the MD-380 CE (whatever that is) – but no MD-380G. They are so cool and I can’t even program these things.

  10. Randy Brian says:

    I just purchased an MD-380. All my computers run Windows 10. Am I in trouble ?

    • Dave says:

      My MD-380 software works on Win10. I just got a MD-380G – the disc that comes with the radio does not work for the ‘G’ model. I’ve got it running on Win7 – we’ll see if it works on Win10 tomorrow.

      • John Bakkeren VA3CQE says:

        I have the latest CPS down loaded from TYT, down loaded from TYT round May 18 2017. It runs fine on Windows 10 with the current updates installed.
        Please note the Baofeng programming cable will fit in the TYT DM380 but will not work!
        Regardless if it is a Baofeng original cable or an aftermarket cable with a better Serial to USB chip.
        You need to use the TYT cable.
        I hope that this helps.
        John VA3CQE

  11. ken says:

    Jason, outstanding stuff, so far going just as steps say, please keep up the good work. understanding everyone will have request, i hope you will be able to add Louisiana to the upper list of todo’s for us gulf coast Texans who travel to New Orleans often…..73 Ken WX1TEX

  12. Ed Cheek says:

    I downloaded the codeplug attached to the link and now my radio is locked out. There is a screen asking for a password. I cannot upload or download. I think someone has hacked your site or you are tricking people. The default all 0’s and all 9’s does not work. The keypad is also locked. Thanks allot.

    • jape says:

      This codeplug has been loaded into hundreds of radios which do not perform the way you are describing. Something is either defective with your radio, or the write process was interrupted while you were writing it to the radio from the computer, an action that can brick the radio.
      I would suggest reloading the firmware into the radio and try writing the codeplug again, perhaps another codeplug at first until you figure out the real problem. Otherwise, contact the vendor where you purchased the radio and see if they can assist.

      Hope it works out for you

  13. Pete says:

    Thank you for all you are doing. I have tried to follow all your instructions. but still have yet to hear any signals on my new MD-380. I must be missing some key point in the setup routine.

    Any advice, please?

    Pete, N5TP

  14. aaron sowder says:

    need help i have down loaded the software for md-380g from tyt and i still have wrong model on both of my computers when i try to read the radio does go to program but the stops and the box pops up and says wrong model what do i need to do

    • jape says:

      This codeplug will not work with the “G” models of radios, as those models use different programming software, and therefore codeplugs also.

  15. Chuck Lechenr says:


    Certainly appreciate the Information you have here related to the DMR MD380 Codeplug.

    The information certainly did make understanding the radio and setting up very easy.

    Thank you for your contribution. It is very appreciated.

    Chuck – WB2LMA

  16. Miles says:

    Just got my MD380G, delivered cd with sofware did not work. “Wrong model”. Solution was simple and “logical” 😉 … a software designed for MD-390G ;-).

    But i cannot get any GPS signal. I’ll try with some MD390g gps software but i feel like a child in a mist… i do not know where to go,what to do next.

    73 de Miles SQ5EBM/SN5V

  17. KE0IHJ says:

    I click on the link for codeplug above and my computer opens another webpage and it is all goobly guck, am I doing something wrong to download the codeplug?

  18. RIck W5RAA says:

    Why aren’t the Carrollton and Fairview DMR repeaters in your codeplug?

    • jape says:

      I’ve not added them yet. Those are newer repeaters. And Fairview is a backyard repeater, so limited coverage.

  19. Clayton Brantley says:

    Is there a Linux version of the TYT programming software? Might be able to install WINE, but prefer native prograqms.


    Clayton N4EV

    • jape says:

      Not that I have ever seen. I know some folks that use it in WINe, or in a VirtualBox session.

    • Pete Spotts says:


      Check out https://github.com/travisgoodspeed/md380tools. The explanations appear below the list of files. It looks as though you would use the CPS software with Wine to build your code plug, then use md380tools to load the code plug onto your HT. But pepper the md380tools folks with questions first. Don’t take my say-so. I’m seeking answers to similar questions for my md2017.

      With best regards,


      • Chuck Hast says:

        I just came onto this web site, looking through the info I see something here, I have the MD-380, I do all of my work on Linux, I was using the TYT software (howls at the moon) until a fellow on the Chirp list put me onto editcp by Dale Farnsworth, NO7K. Here is the link to the downloads. The program runs under both Linux and Windows, have not tried it under windows (try to avoid that OS) but under Linux it works great, it reads and loads the radio a lot faster and smoother, and you will discover that the TYT software lets you “leave things out”, Dale’s art will show errors, but you just look at them and then go in and correct them. Most of mine where the scan field had been left blank.

        So I use MD380tools to update the radio firmware and editcp to work on the code plugs then load them.

  20. Nathan N5NJW says:

    Do you have a codeplug for the Motorola xpr3500?


  21. Jerry says:

    Jason, I enjoy your videos and appreciate all the info you show. I’m still learning the whole code plug thing andI have a question about this code plug…When I open it in the plug software, do I have to do anything with the info on the Basic info page as it is info for your radio, OR can I just ignore it and when I download this plug into my radio it gets updated to my radios info??? I’m leery of trying it and bricking the radio. Thanks for reading.. Jerry, K4GEW 73

  22. Bill Scholtz says:

    Help me find a codeplug for Northern Virginia.
    Does anyone on TMARC.org area know someone with one?
    Call me, Bill on 703-814-3473
    or attach for my DMR CSI 800D a code plug sent to W3HXF@cox.net

  23. Samuel Smith says:

    Greetings from Diana,Texas- Do you have a code plug for the TYT MD-2017 Dual Band with GPS model?
    Thank you!

  24. Fred Thompson says:

    I have a MD-UV390 with GPS. I have a good reference MD380 codeplug but it will not install. My radio is
    HW VER 2.01
    MCU VER P17.005
    CPs VER 1.06.

    I have been able to create a codeplug using the CPS1.06 and upload/download to and from the radio but none of the CP I find can load. All of the codeplugs I find are 257kb file size where the size when I read / write to my UV 390 is 833 KB.

    Does anyone know how to convert a good codeplug to work in my radio.

    Fred Thompson

  25. jim Wilken says:

    How about adding the Corpus Christi DMR repeater?

  26. Rodney Stithem says:

    will this work with a MD-UV380

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