Ham Radio 2.0

Ham Radio 2.0 is a Vlog series presenting new radio unboxings and tests, Hamfest forums, review videos and an all-around interest of “what is new in Amateur Radio?” If your club or group sponsors an event for Amateur Radio, such as a Hamfest, Tailgate event, DXpedition, Radio-in-the-ark, etc – please contact us.




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  1. Syed MohiddinBasha VU2VIZ says:

    I have on Remitted $10 through PayPal (dated:14, April, 2017)

  2. Bruce Holtermann says:

    Where is the firmware for a MD-uv380 that will permit 100,000 contacts and what is it called as a package and what is it called as a version number. I can only currently download 10,000 contacts and I get firm ware issues with that.

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