220MHz Repeaters in the Dallas Ft Worth Area

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now, but my blogging time has suffered lately due to otherTM741a2 projects.  I often get asked about a list of 220MHz repeaters in the DFW area, and I consulted repeaterbook yesterday, but several of those listings were also wrong.  So I wanted to take some time to write an extensive list of all the 220MHz Repeaters in the Dallas Ft Worth Area.

220MHz is up and coming around here – I know it isn’t like that everywhere.  I often get weird looks at some Hamfests which are out of this area, and asked “why 220?  No one uses that!”.  Well, we do here.  And other areas do also.  I was surprised and impressed to see 2 separate 220MHz and 2 separate 900MHz machines on the air in the Corpus Christie area last October when I was in town for the South Texas Hamfest.  One machine for each band was in Corpus, and one for each band was in Aransas Pass – all 4 were workable from my hotel in Aransas Pass.

If you don’t have 220MHz repeaters in your area, perhaps it is time to start looking at deploying some.  The noise floor is quite low, frequency pairs are easy to get, and radio gear is getting more and more common.

If you are in the DFW Area and interested in the 220MHz band, here is a list of repeaters that you will want. All of these repeaters I have tested myself (August 2016) and verified are up and running. If I have missed something, please email me and I will add it to the list.

Number City Frequency CTCSS Offset Details
1 Argyle 224.860 110.9 -1.6MHz WB5NDJ
2 Arlington 224.800 110.9 -1.6MHz K5SLD Arlington ARC
3 Dallas 224.880 110.9 -1.6MHz W5FC Dallas ARC
4 Dallas 224.700 127.3 -1.6MHz N4MSE
5 Dallas 224.600 156.7 -1.6MHz K5TIT
6 Denton 224.920 110.9 -1.6MHz Denton County ARC
7 Ft Worth 224.940 110.9 -1.6MHz K5FTW
8 Ft Worth 224.780 110.9 -1.6MHz N5UN
9 Ft Worth 224.420 110.9 -1.6MHz Cowtown ARC
10 Ft Worth Area 224.680 103.5 -1.6MHz Unknown
11 Granbury 224.340 88.5 -1.6MHz Excellent coverage into Tarrant County
12 Irving 224.400 110.9 -1.6MHz Irving ARC
13 Mansfield 224.460 none -1.6MHz Mansfield/Johnson ARC
14 Rosston 224.200 110.9 -1.6MHz 1700-foot tower
15 The Colony 224.000 110.9 -1.6MHz Lake Area ARC