About Me

Hi, my name is Jason, callsign KC5HWB.

I’ve lived in DFW Texas my whole life and been into Ham Radio since 1994. I normally monitor the 2M/220/440 repeaters around town while driving and while at home, but lately I have been looking into more HF operations. Currently I am studying to take my General License Exam and will be able to dive more into the lower frequencies. I look forward to meeting anyone around DFW or anywhere on Ham Radio.

Visit my QRZ page here – http://qrz.com/db/KC5HWB

I’m starting this blog because of my interest in Ham Radio.  Up until now I have been blogging about some of my Ham Radio experiences at my personal blog, located at www.aints.net/blog – but I decided to do a new blog for Ham Radio for several reasons, not the least of which is that it will help to keep my interested in Radio for consistently.

While I have been a Ham for 19 years, I tend to fall into and out of the hobby.  I will install a radio in the truck and talk on it quite a bit for a few months, then for no specific reason, I’ll start turning it on and eventually fall out of talking completely.  Then usually 1-2 years later I will get the Ham Bug again, and start setting up/talking on my radios again.

For the first time since I have become a Ham, I now have a Ham Shack.  In this Shack I currently have a Icom 706 MKII connected to a MFJ-1750 2M Vertical on a 20′ mast.  This setup has been a great help in letting me communicate throughout the metroplex and meeting new contacts.  I plan to upgrade this system significantly, and will be posting about that entire project on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by, I welcome your comments and also I hope to sign with you.  Find me on one of the Frequencies that I listed on the lower-right corner of the frontpage of this site.