Update Repeaters in Mid Cities, Texas

[Updated 2/9/2015] I’ve written a few posts on this blog about which repeaters I frequent in the DFW area, and which ones I am monitoring. This post will be an update to some of that information. Lately, I spend most of my time on DMR. I am constantly talking to other Hams on the DFW […] Read more »

DMR Repeaters in Texas

A while back I wrote this post that detailed the list of 6 repeaters in the Dallas / Ft Worth area, with their frequencies, callsigns, offsets and color codes.  At the bottom of that list was another list of commonly used Talkgroups. Today I am posting a complete list of all the DMR repeaters in […] Read more »

Managing DMR Contacts in your Radio

For those DMR users out there, if you own a Motorola Radio, and have a subscription to the MotoTRBO CPS, then you don’t have an issue with importing new contacts into your radio.  The DMR-MARC website has tools to download the latest userlist of contacts for several models of MotoTRBO XPR radios, from which you […] Read more »

HF Stations worked Labor Day Weekend 2015

This Labor Day was spent on the coast of Galveston with my family, as we have done for the past few years.  Last year was the first time I setup a portable HF station, so this year I had to do the same, but with some slight upgrades. Pictured here is my current Go-kit, which […] Read more »

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Ham Radio 2.0

I’ve been posting about my new video series on YouTube called Ham Radio 2.0, sharing the videos on this blog.  I’ve decided that I want to launch this effort into the next level, so I created a Kickstarter campaign which published this week. I’ve shared this project link with several friends, and Matt from AmateurRadio.com […] Read more »