Ham Radio Classes in DFW

For a while now, especially since I opened a brick-and-mortar store in the area, I’ve been trying to keep a list of New and Upgrade Ham Radio classes for licensing. The Technician classes are for those folks who want to get their first license. The General classes are for people who have already passed the […] Read more »

Technician Ham Radio License Class on Feb 22

 Entry level free class to help you get your amateur radio license. Class starts Feb 22, 2014 8:30am, ends Mar 1, 2014. Details at the WC5C Ham Radio Training Page This is an entry-level, beginner class.  This class prepares the student for the FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio license.  Emergency Responders, Boy Scouts, Retirees, School Kids, Adults are […] Read more »

The Amateur Radio Repeaters of Mid Cities, TX

Previously I had posted about repeaters in DFW that everyone should know. To narrow that down a bit, I wanted to write a post about the repeaters that I most frequent, that are nearest to me, and that everyone should have programmed into the radio, if you live-in, work-in, or ever drive through Mid Cities, […] Read more »

Repeaters in DFW that Everyone Should Know

If you head over to Repeater Book and look for repeaters located within the DFW area, you will find hundreds of them. Some of the listings are out-dated, but most of them are still accurate. There are more 440 repeaters than 2-meter repeaters, mostly because our band allocation on 440MHz is 30MHz (420-450) while the […] Read more »

So you got your Ham Radio License, now what?

After taking your test to obtain the Technician Class Ham Radio license, it will take few days for your information to reach the FCC database, and for your callsign to be granted. You can check the status of this at the FCC Universal Licensing System Database. This is a newer feature that enables you to […] Read more »