TYT MD380/390 DMR Codeplug Instructions

MD380/390 DMR Codeplug Instructions I’ve spent some time putting together this codeplug that I would like to share with everyone.  Follow the instructions below to use it.  The plug will get updated periodically, so check back often for new repeaters and info to be added.  I datestamp all of my plugs with the date on the […] Read more »

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DMR Repeaters in Texas

A while back I wrote this post that detailed the list of 6 repeaters in the Dallas / Ft Worth area, with their frequencies, callsigns, offsets and color codes.  At the bottom of that list was another list of commonly used Talkgroups. Today I am posting a complete list of all the DMR repeaters in […] Read more »

Managing DMR Contacts in your Radio

For those DMR users out there, if you own a Motorola Radio, and have a subscription to the MotoTRBO CPS, then you don’t have an issue with importing new contacts into your radio.  The DMR-MARC website has tools to download the latest userlist of contacts for several models of MotoTRBO XPR radios, from which you […] Read more »

Texas DMR Repeater Details

For programming your DMR radio in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, or in Texas overall, here is all the info in 1 place.  This info can also be found on the DMR-MARC website, but I wanted to post it here so that I could easily reference it all on 1 page. Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Commonly Used […] Read more »

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IWCE 2015 Expo

Here are some pics from the IWCE Expo that I attended in March of 2015.  Lots of good info, lots of nice people, and some cool new products.  I missed seeing Wouxun, Anytone, and Yaesu, who didn’t attend.  Yaesu?  Really?  Icom and Kenwood had a huge presence, and even Alinco had a good showing.  Baofeng […] Read more »

Texas Statewide Net on DMR

For those of you on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), sometimes referred to as “MotoTRBO”, which is Motorola’s designation for the digital transmission type, we are starting a Statewide Texas net tomorrow, Wednesday January 7th, at 7:30pm CDT. DMR is a wildly growing digital transmission type, with over 400 DMR repeaters worldwide, in 37 countries with […] Read more »

Connect Systems Upcoming Radios

Everyone is anticipating the next release from Connect Systems for their DMR and DSTAR radios. Arguably, the most popular DMR radio on the market right now is the CS700, their UHF-only handie talkie that will transmit in both Digital DMR and Analog for ham operators. These radios are also very popular among Red Cross members […] Read more »


Thanks Hans for the update on this radio.  I would like to purchase and test one of these myself, but realistically I can’t see the advantage due to the price and the inability to use on analog repeaters due to no CTCSS feature on this radio.  Here is a link to the radio for sale […] Read more »