Shreveport Hamfest 2014 Review

The Shreveport Hamfest was Saturday August 9, and was a very fun time. This was the first time that I had ever attended this particular hamfest. When I arrived, what I learned was: they used to have this Hamfest back in the 80s and 90s, and it fizzled out towards to late 90s after some […] Read more »

Oklahoma Ham Holiday Hamfest Review

This past weekend I attended the Oklahoma Ham Holiday Hamfest in Oklahoma City for the first time. It was a good Hamfest overall, I believe. The Hamfest was held at the Bricktown Hotel in Oklahoma City. The furnishings and interior decorations of this hotel look like they were decorated by my Grandmother about 40-50 years […] Read more »

Texas City Hamfest Review

This isn’t a ‘Hamfest Review’ since I am writing this post 1 day before the Hamfest supposedly begins.  This is more of a ‘Here’s the reason why I’m not going to the Texas City Hamfest this weekend’ From ARRL’s website, you can find Hamfests listed by State, and for the past few months, the Texas […] Read more »

HamCom 2014, Day 1

I spent all day today at the HamCom 2014 convention in Plano, TX.  This is the biggest Hamfest of North Texas that happens once a year.  It draws people from all over the state, and even outside of the state.  I saw several vendors from states that surround Texas, as well as some of the big […] Read more »

HamCom 2014

Tomorrow is HamCom in DFW, the biggest Hamfest in North Texas, perhaps in the whole state.  It is all day Friday and Saturday, so I took Friday off of work to enjoy it both days. Be looking for some tweets from @DFWHamRadio with pics, etc.  Of course I will post a review here also, hopefully […] Read more »

Special invitation to operate W100AW/5

I received this in email this week…. Special invitation to operate W100AW/5As you know, the ARRL is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year along with the Dallas Amateur Radio Club which is also celebrating 100 years. To commemorate these celebrations, The ARRL will be operating as W100AW/5 (W100AW/5 is not a typo – it’s a […] Read more »

Dayton Hamvention 2014 Review

This was my first time to attend the Dayton Hamvention, so my review won’t include much comparison to other years past.  However, perhaps that will mean that my review won’t be influenced by past experiences either, and will deal more with the 2014 Hamvention. Overall I had lots of fun and enjoyed the Hamvention very […] Read more »

Dayton Hamvention 2014, Day 2

Yesterday was a full day of hamming it up. So many vendors and dealers, all in one location,  plus the 40 acre flea market. My purchases so far have been light. I bought a T-shirt for the 2014 Hamvention and a new callsign hat which they made while I waited,  so no shipping. For equipment,  […] Read more »

Dayton Hamvention 2014, Day 1

As I type this post,  I’m sitting on a plane at 33,000 feet.  I’ll have to synch the post later today when I get to the hotel and have Internet access. My flight from DFW airport left at 9am local time, which puts me into Dayton at noon.  I’m planning to drop my bags at […] Read more »