Cowtown Hamfest 2014 Review

This weekend was the Cowtown Hamfest at the Lockheed Martin facility in Ft Worth, TX.  It will be the last time this hamfest is held at this facility because Lockheed is no longer allowing the ham club at this location.  At least that is what I heard over the air, I don’t have any specifics […] Read more »

MTC Sidewalk Sale Review

In my previous post I mentioned that I was attending the sidewalk sale at Main Trading Company last Saturday.  On their website they mention that they start with coffee at 6:30am, and the official event time is 7am-Noon.  I live 2 hours from their location, so in order to get there right as it started, […] Read more »

Gainsville Hamfest 2013 Review

This was my first time attending the Hamfest in Gainsville.  I had heard mixed reviews about the show from hams around the DFW area, on various repeaters, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I showed up there.  The show was supposed to go from 7am-1pm, but I arrived around 8:30am and left […] Read more »

Upcoming Hamfests

I added a new page for upcoming Hamfests around the DFW, North Texas and Southern Oklahoma areas.  I plan to keep this updated as much as I can, but if anyone has any further information about Hamfests that aren’t listed, feel free to provide it to me at Read more »