Up and running on 40 meters

I finally got my 40-meter dipole hung up a couple of weeks ago and have been working some 40-meters lately.  The dipole is a simple center-fed wire antenna, and I have the center-point hung about 27′ in the air.  In an inverted-V fashion, both legs are at 8.5′ atop my fence.  I think I might […] Read more »

Dayton Hamvention Preparations

Dayton Hamvention is right around the corner; about 10 days away, and I am getting prepped.  This will be my first trip to Dayton for the hamfest, and I am very much looking forward to it.  My plan and hope is to have enough time to live-blog from the Hamvention, and also post some videos […] Read more »

Upgrading to a 170AH Lead Acid Battery

Last week at the Hurst ARC Monthly Meeting, a friend told me about some used batteries over at Tanner’s Electronics. These are 170AH (amp hour) Lead-Acid batteries, which weigh about 120lbs each. And the best part? They sell for $125 each. A few months back I bought a brand-new 60AH battery for Sam’s for $150, […] Read more »

Hamshack Redesign

I’m rearranging my desk and shelves in the hamshack to make room for more radios and equipment.  Here is the latest pic.  It isn’t completed yet, but I wanted to post these anyway.  More to come later.       On the shelves are the following radios:   Top shelf – Radio Shack HTX-212.  Not […] Read more »

The 33cm Band

The 33cm band, or 900MHz, has become a bit more popular lately. I’ve been hearing some other operators around the DFW metroplex talk about running a 900MHz radio, either in the shack or in the truck, and that more and more hams are starting to join-in with the fun. Well, count me in! One of […] Read more »

Hamshack Desk Build

I build a Mancave a couple of years ago out in my backyard.  When I first built it, I had planned to install some ham gear in it, and now it has become more of a Hamshack than anything else.  I do have a computer/TV/surround sound in there also, in fact I am typing this […] Read more »