NE Tarrant Digital Tuesday Meeting

Tonight we had the first meeting for hams in the NE Tarrant county area who are interested in Broadband Hamnet MESH nodes and the network we are trying to build.  For the past several months, perhaps a year or more, Rusty-AE5AE, has been having meetings that he calls “Digital Tuesday”.  But since these meetings are […] Read more »

BroadBand HamNet MESH Network Accessories

Ubiquiti hardware is gaining a large amount of support and interest from the ham community for setting up MESH networks. Their M2 Bullets have received great reviews and the BBHN firmware dropped last week. The HP (high power) models are currently the only models that will work with the BBHN firmware due to having 32MB […] Read more »

BBHN 1.0.1 for Ubiquiti Released

Find more information here. Software download is here. The UBNT release is now available.  It supports the following devices: Rocket M2 Bullet M2 HP AirGrid M2 HP NanoStation Loco M2 (NSL-M2) NanoStation M2 (NS-M2)   BBHN 1.0.1 for Ubiquiti Release Notes Please keep the following notes in mind when operating these devices and reporting issues. […] Read more »

Saturday Group at the Hurst EOC

Every Saturday morning from 9am until around Noon, the Hurst Amateur Radio Club meets for tech-talk and all-around live ragchew at the Hurst EOC, which is located at Hurst Fire Station#2 on Pipeline road.  This is a fun time to get together and talk shop on anything related to Amateur Radio. Usually there isn’t a […] Read more »

HSMM-Mesh changing names

I received this email update from a fellow ham.  Thanks to Craig, N5LNX, for pointing this group out to me.  You can sign up for the Yahoo group at This Link This isn’t new information, as it was posted in March of 2013, but I am new to this area of Ham Radio, so I […] Read more »

Broadband HamNet – HSMM MESH

This is something cool I heard about a while back, but just now started doing some real research on.  Thanks to KC5ONZ for explaining how a MeshNet can be used in Ham Radio, and thanks to WA5YSX for informing me that there is already a huge network covering most of N. Texas for ham-only activity. […] Read more »