Havis Console in the Mobile Station

I posted a while back about my mobile station in my 2004 Ford F-250.  Yesterday, I finally received my mounting bracket for my Kenwood TK-981 radio in the mail from ResponderPSE.  I had ordered this at the end of January, but it was back-ordered (something their website didn’t tell me) Anyway, I got the bracket […] Read more »

Repeaters in DFW that Everyone Should Know

If you head over to Repeater Book and look for repeaters located within the DFW area, you will find hundreds of them. Some of the listings are out-dated, but most of them are still accurate. There are more 440 repeaters than 2-meter repeaters, mostly because our band allocation on 440MHz is 30MHz (420-450) while the […] Read more »

Mobile Station Upgrade

I’ve been running a dual-band setup in my truck for several months, but I have been wanting to upgrade it and add to it.  My radio is actually a quad-band Yaesu FT-8900 but I only use the 2m/70cm bands on this radio because I don’t have the 10m or 6m antenna on my truck.   […] Read more »