Every Baofeng You’ll Ever Need

Like they do so often, Amazon has updated prices on Baofeng Radios.  Listed below are pretty much all the Baofeng radios you will ever want or need.  I think I have all of them >.> Actually that isn’t true, I never have purchased a UV-5R, which is the most popular one.  But it isn’t anything […] Read more »

More HT Radios that I plan to Review

If you’ve read this blog for a short while, you know that I like to review HT radios, most of them being Chinese radios, but not all of them. ‘Rig Reviews’ are a sub-category of this blog, and it is one that I rather enjoy also. While reading through Han’s Blog, I often find reviews […] Read more »

Alianza DxB at IWCE 2014

So “the wait is finally over” doesn’t really mean the product is available, simply that it will be revealed in Las Vegas next month at the IWCE conference.  I checked the website at Codan Radio Communication and they don’t have anything listed for Alianza yet.  So for us consumers, it is NOT ready.  However, I am still […] Read more »

Some New Prices on Radios from Amazon

I periodically get emails from Amazon about updated prices and deals, sometimes close-outs or sales.  This email happened to be all radios.  They pull from your search history and since I often search for Baofeng radios, I suspect that most of these items are somewhat related to my searches.  There are some good prices here, […] Read more »