From my Twitter Feed ‏@repeaterbook  1m 442.5750 N5GI repeater at McKinney, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr ‏@repeaterbook  3m 442.0250 N4MSE repeater at Dallas, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr ‏@repeaterbook  1m 443.4500 N4MSE repeater at Fort Worth, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr Amateur Radio Ecomms ‏@AmateurRadioEco  1h WATCH LIVE: Explosion, building collapse & major fire reported in East Harlem in NYC  […] Read more »

From my Twitter Feed @KC5HWB

KB6NU has a good idea with posting some links from his Twitter feed into a blog post.  So I thought that I would follow suit.  Here are some of the latest posts from my Twitter feed, including one that I made.  So go follow @KC5HWB please.   Justin Box ‏@817audio  8m New post on  : Just […] Read more »