Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Ham Radio 2.0

I’ve been posting about my new video series on YouTube called Ham Radio 2.0, sharing the videos on this blog.  I’ve decided that I want to launch this effort into the next level, so I created a Kickstarter campaign which published this week.

I’ve shared this project link with several friends, and Matt from was gracious enough to post this on his blog.  What a GREAT help!  You can see that article here.

Check my Kickstarter project below.  Go watch the videos from my website or from my YouTube page, and let me know what you think.  Comments are welcome.  Subscribe to the YouTube Channel so that you can get notifications of new videos when they are posted.  Currently I have about a dozen more in the works, which will be going up in the weeks to come.

July 4th HF Stations Worked

I did a little bit of the 13-Colonies Contest on July 4-6.  I only got 7 of the 13 States, but I didn’t really put alot of time into it.  Here are the stations that I worked:

K2M 14.284
w3lrc 14.337
K2J 14.236
K2F 14.327
KM4EQS 14.313
K2I 14.268
K2E 14.290
K2G 14.305
K2L 14.260
K2K 14.340
K2J 7.280